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No Excuses Just Execution 

While many battle with professional tug-o-war between Corporate America and entrepreneurship, Demishia Wright unapologetically lives in the best of both worlds. As a corporate entrepreneur, business strategist and author, she’s committed to helping professionals of all calibers find their purpose and passion—in and outside of Corporate America. Instead of chasing money or fancy titles in the workplace, Demishia transforms the mindsets of her clients—taking them from mediocre to mogul.   She is alumna of Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University.  Demishia is currently a Senior IT Professional for a major telecommunications company. Also, she is a Social Media and Business Strategist, a leader, Income Coach, and a Mother! Furthermore, she is a Huffington Post Contributor and author of many publications including “21 Questions You Must Answer to Succeed in Corporate America” and “21 Ways Not to Suck A Women’s Guide to Success & Money”.  Demishia’s proven coaching methods and creative, thorough, strategies catapult business owners through doors of opportunity, which lead to multiple streams of income and long-lasting relationships with clientele

However, Demishia has not always lived the best of both worlds. When Demishia was 15 years old, she became a mother. She realized at a young age that she would have to do whatever it took to sustain her family. Demishia started her career working at the age of fourteen for a local bank because she never believed in being average.  The work ethic and next level attitude she developed, as a teen would propel her to become North American IT Employee of Year and create events that empower women in their career and business.  She knew that she wanted a better life for her family and herself so, she took the necessary measures to learn all she could while attending college and being an employee at various companies. This rising influencer realized that by being strategic, networking, and having a plan, anyone can find money within or outside of Corporate America.  

Demishia is the epitome of someone who creates and implements while others are sleeping; mastering and marketing her many brands, including LaShelle Denise Creative, Taboo Nalia, and Elite Greek Magazine. A proven leader in her immediate and surrounding communities, Demishia is also a dedicated change agent, helping youth find the worth and purpose.